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PSB Alpha VS21

PSB Soundbase, IR-Lernfunktion für Bedienung mit TV Fernbedienungen
PSB Alpha VS21
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PSB Alpha VS21
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HD sound for your HD TV

TVs have never sounded great, but the latest crop of super thin TVs have simply squeezed too much sound out in order to achieve the ultra-slim profile. The result is a great picture with not so great sound. But there is a solution! PSB has been creating award-winning home theatre speaker systems for decades, and the Alpha VS21 brings this extraordinary experience to the sound bar category. The Alpha VS21 is super simple to install and operate, and has amazing features that propel it ahead of other TV sound solutions. We call it VisionSound™, but we think you'll call it exceptional! This is a true 3-way active design, driven by six amplifiers for a total of 100 watts RMS, meaning each range of sound has its own special amplified speaker that is optimized to reproduce every nuance clearly and naturally. Small and attractive, this well-built speaker can sit on a shelf below your TV or it can support a TV weighing up to 40kg (88lb).

Understand Every. Word. Spoken.

No more asking, "What did she say?" Simply select the "Dialogue" setting from the remote control and enjoy enhanced vocal clarity. This innovative circuit makes it easy to hear every word by separating the vocals from background sounds. Using research on human hearing developed at Canada's renowned National Research Council, PSB has solved the problem of hard-to-hear dialogue in movies and TV shows.

Do not disturb.

We put the fun back in late night TV watching. You won't have to worry about disturbing others by using Dolby Late Night, which reduces sudden loud sounds and brings soft sounds up to where they can be heard more easily, so you can keep the volume at lower levels.

Virtual Surround Sound.

The Alpha VS21 includes sophisticated WideSound™ processing to give you rich, three-dimensional sound. Enjoy watching a movie with the soundtrack enveloping you and putting you in the middle of the action. Best of all, WideSound can be combined with Dialogue so you can hear all the words and be surrounded by movie effects – all from one compact yet powerful speaker!

Stream Music with Bluetooth.

Wireless streaming from your smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth aptX wireless audio is included to improve the sound of your favourite iTunes music or YouTube video. The Alpha VS21 may be a TV speaker, but it shares the musical heritage of PSB, one of the top names in stereo speakers.

Green Design.

The Alpha VS21 uses highly-efficient digital switching amplifiers, one for each speaker. Even playing at quite loud volumes, it usually uses less than 10 watts of total power. Plus, standby power is less than 0.5W, making it one of the greenest audio systems on the market.

You're in Control.

End remote clutter! You can use the handy remote included with the Alpha VS21, or program the speaker to respond to your TV's remote control. Or cable box remote. Or satellite receiver remote. Or ANY remote! Now you only need one remote control on the coffee table. Programming is an easy one-time operation.

Multiple Inputs.

Two types of digital inputs, optical and coaxial, accommodate most TVs and DVD/Blu-ray players. There is also a stereo analogue input to connect TVs, VCRs, CD players or iPods that don't feature digital outputs.

Get. More. Bass.

Although the Alpha VS21 has two amplified woofers, we know that some of you like to feel the bass, not just hear it! For you, the VS21 includes an analogue RCA subwoofer output to add a separate powered subwoofer like our PSB SubSeries 100 or SubSeries 150. These compact powerhouse subs can be added any time for the ultimate theatre experience.

Dolby Digital Decoder.

The two digital inputs work with a built-in Dolby Digital decoder, which can improve virtual surround performance and allow for simplified connections to a wide variety of TVs, cable boxes and disc players.

Solid Wood Cabinet.

The Alpha VS21 features a heavily braced wood cabinet constructed of non-resonant MDF with a Black Ash wood grain finish, just like our more expensive stereo speakers. Its low-profile design blends perfectly with flat-panel TVs. Most people don't even notice the Alpha VS21. Until they hear it!


  • Rich, powerful, dynamic sound boost for your TV.
  • Simple, one-cable setup.
  • Works with your TV remote or the included remote control.
  • Compact cabinet design supports up to 40kg (88lb).
  • Bluetooth apt-X streaming from your smart device in hi-fidelity.
  • Dolby Late Night ideal for watching TV at low volumes when you don't want to disturb others.
  • Dialogue mode allows voices to be clearly understood.
  • Stereo and WideSound modes optimized for music listening and movie watching.
  • 3-way speaker system with 6 independent active amplifiers.
  • Inputs: 1 Optical, 1 Coaxial, 1 RCA.
  • Subwoofer output when you want more bass. Just add PSB's SubSeries 100 or SubSeries 150.

 [PSB Alpha VS21]
Typ:    Soundbase
IR-Lernfunktion für Bedienung mit TV Fernbedienungen
Eingänge: 1 optisch, 1 Coax, 1 Cinch
Bluetooth apt-X
"Dialog" und "Dolby Late Night" Audio-Modus
Bis 40kg belastbar
Bauweise:    Bassreflex hinten
Frequenzgang:    55 - 23000 Hz
Wege/Systeme:    3 / 6
Dim. (H×B×T):    8.5×54.3×33 cm
Gewicht:    6 kg
Ausführungen:    schwarz


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